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Smart Wall Switch

Smart Wall Switch

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Brand Name: SONOFF


Communication method: Wi-Fi

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Certification: CE

Free Shipping: Fast Shipping




Wi-Fi:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz


1C:100-240V ~50/60Hz Max 5A

2C:100-240V ~50/60Hz Max 10A

3C:100-240V ~50/60Hz Max 15A


Casing materials:PC CRS


1C: 100-240V ~50/60Hz Max 5A

2C:100-240V ~50/60Hz Max 5A/Gang 10A/Total

3C:100-240V ~50/60Hz Max 5A/Gang 15A/Total





SONOFF TX Ultimate Smart Wall Switch Full Touch Access LED Light Edge Multi-Sensory eWeLink Remote Control via Alexa Google


The SONOFF TX Ultimate (T5) is a full-touch access wall switch. Compared to a regular touch switch, TX Ultimate has a much larger touchable area, almost occupying the entire panel. So you can easy to turn it on/off with a light press.


One of the key features of the TX Ultimate is the circle of LED side lights that surround the switch, it has 8 different ambient light modes. You can even take it as a night light, used with smart sensors (such as DW2-WiFi, SNZB-03), when you get up at the night, the aisle will be automatically illuminated.


Another great feature of the TX Ultimate integrates LED light, speaker, and built-in motor. Pressing it can trigger the light transition, sound transition, and panel vibration at the same time, bringing a more futuristic trigger feedback.


TX Ultimate can be used as eWeLink-Remote gateway. You can create a smart scene that enables both TX Ultimate and scene controller R5 to control the same light. Even you can modify the S-mate into a doorbell button, and add it to the T5, set the doorbell scene, and you can have a local smart doorbell!


Finally, the cover of TX Ultimate can be replaced. Other panels can be purchased to replace different styles. This means you can easily change the look of the switch to suit your home's decor. The basic white color is more versatile, the star style is suitable for rooms with darker tones, and the cartoon style is suitable for children's rooms.



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